Scholarship and Presentations

Master of Arts Defense

“Lili’s Legacy: Collaborative Sexology, Trauma Narratives, and Agency in Magnus Hirschfeld’s Gender Nonconforming Patients (1900-1933),” Oregon State University, December 2019.

Conference Papers

“Traumatic Transitions and Material Bodies: Identity Creation, Individual Agency and Performing Queerness at the Institute fuer Sexualwissenschaft,” Gender and Trauma Conference, Grand Rapids, MI. September 2019.

“Defining ‘Trans’ in the 20th Century: An Exploration of Language in Cases of Sex-Gender Nonconformity,” History of Science Society Conference, Seattle, WA. Novemeber, 2018.

“The Development of Wilhlem Reich’s Theoscientific Religious Framework,” Franklin and Marshall Student Research Conference, Lancaster, PA. April, 2017.

“WWI Battlefield Medicine: The Story of Lancaster’s 111th Ambulance Company,” Franklin and Marshall Student Research Symposium, Lancaster, PA. October, 2016.

Robert and Mary Jo Nye Graduate Student Essay Award:

“Medical (un)Making: Ethical Responsibilities and the Search for Agency in J. Marion Sims’s Montgomery Experiments,” Oregon State University, April 2019.

Academic and Scholarly Interests: History of Medicine, History of Technology, History of Sexology, Women and Gender Studies, Transgender History, History of Sexuality, German History, Queer Studies

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